Releasing the ghosts that you haunt.

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DateApr 9, 2015 - Apr 13, 2015
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Dear Insomnia: Enough is enough!!!

How Many Sleepless Nights Have You Spent Haunting Ghosts?

It’s Time to Put Your Ghosts to Bed Once And For All!

Discover the Brand New Program That Shows You How To Release the  Ghosts that you Haunt so you can finally sleep through the night and start enjoying the Life you deserve!


It’s late at night.

But instead of enjoying a deep, peaceful sleep you’re wide-awake. You stare at the ceiling while your mind is Haunting Ghosts! What does this have to do with INSOMNIA??? I’m glad you asked:

We close our eyes, but we don’t drift to never, neverland; we have too much stress and our bodies and our minds are holding unresolved trauma. We spend our nights with our minds running amok and too busy haunting ghosts to sleep. You know;

The ghost of every bad relationship we’ve been in… ever.

The ghosts of every bad decision we have made… ever.

The ghosts of all the things we’ve lost. The ghosts of the pain that has been inflicted on us.

We haunt every ghost we can find and if we can’t find a ghost to haunt- we’ll make one up.

We haunt the ghosts of the future too.

We haunt the ghost of what could happen; what might happen; what probably will happen.

We are tired.

We feel our minds slipping; we feel our bodies failing us.

We have arthritis, intestine, digestion, heart, kidney, hormonal imbalances and adrenal problems.

We suffer from chronic pains and elusive ailments called fibromyalgia and such.

We are gaining or losing too much weight.

The ghosts that we haunt are stealing our lives. Stealing our minds, stealing our health and worst of all- we are letting them steal our purpose.

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to die with my story still in me. I don’t want to die having not lived my dreams. I don’t want to die having never achieved my purpose, my soul calling, the reason I am on this planet to start with.

You don’t know what to do. The walls are closing in and the alarm clock is about to go off.

If only there was some way you could finally enjoy the peace and SLEEP you deserve. But you’ve tried it all – over the counter sleeping pills, you’ve been to your doctor, you’ve seen the therapist – but nothing seems to work.

If that sounds familiar I want you to know you’re in the right place, and everything is about to change for the better for you.

Hello, I’m Rev. Dr. Tammy Conrad.

Over the next few minutes I’m going to share with you what might be the fastest and most effective way to transform your sleep patterns. Yes, that’s an incredibly bold promise.

Let’s set aside the 30 years of experience I have in the mental health, healing and spiritual transformation fields of helping people. People just like you. Let’s look at the some of the root causes behind insomnia and some of the detrimental side effects of not taking care of the ROOT issues;

Your body and the cells of your body do not know or care about the difference between trauma and stress. Both are accumulative. And this accumulation overflows and can’t be held in at some point.

Whether it spills as cancer, a heart attack, fibromyalgia, memory lapses or lying on the floor in the fetus position inconsolable; it will spill if not dealt with, reduced or eliminated.

One of the ways it spilled for me:

I was driving home from work. Then I was “flying though the air.” My car went off the side of the road, rolled twice, side over side and flipped twice, end over end jumping a dried up river bed and landing upside down. I had no recollection whatever about “how” it happened. I am almost positive I did not fall asleep. I remember the car just “shooting” across the street. The next thing that I know is I heard someone call my name really loudly and I opened my eyes. There was no one there.

My left arm was under the roof of the car. I was in the car. So I won’t go into all of the graphics, but I will tell you this was the result of NEVER sleeping, of maintaining uncommon levels of stress, of not dealing with or processing past traumas and remaining in a bad relationship. Obviously, there is a lot more to it than just that; but you understand why it is SO important to me that you get the sleep you need. AND you get to the root causes of why you aren’t sleeping.

So what I faced; and overcame from this one life of my many lives was this: I had to re-evaluate my relationships. I had to learn how to use an arm that the doctors said I would never use again. I had to reduce stress or how I allowed it to affect me or I was going to die.

But this wasn’t all I had to face; I had to face the past and the reasons behind repeating the same patterns over and over and dwelling on all the things that brought misery. This wasn’t my first major vehicle accident. In fact just a few years before this I was in an accident that broke my neck, dislocated my collarbone and snapped the ribs off my spine. And during that time I was in a different bad relationship; and that was just a small part of it.

I could have dwelled in all the things; but I made a different choice. I chose life. I started to do the work on me and change belief’s and patterns. I had to work on family dynamics and so many other things.

I have worked with 100’s of women with persistent insomnia and the common root cause for all of them has been: High levels of accumulated stress and unresolved and unprocessed trauma.


 “I don’t know what to do to get sleep in my life.”

Ring any bells? You’re certainly not alone.

If you’re nodding your head right now and thinking, “Yeah, that sounds like me! I would do almost anything to get a good nights sleep!” then know that I’ve created something especially for you.


“Releasing the Ghosts that you Haunt”


This powerful program presents 6 distinct training modules that will get to the root causes that are preventing you from enjoying the sleep you deserve. Also included is 6 one on one sessions to uncover, process and resolve the root causes of YOUR insomnia.

Take action now; don’t wait until it’s too late. Get the sleep you deserve, you crave and that your body so desperately needs.

Releasing the ghosts that you Haunt; 6 sessions, 6 modules, and you’ll be added to an exclusive FB group to allow you access to additional information or questions with “nearly” unlimited access to me. I say “nearly” because, unlike you… I sleep J

What is this worth? It’s priceless. You’ll uncover and discover a new world: feeling refreshed after a nights sleep. Elimination of physical ailments and mental fog. And so much more. The benefits are endless. The investment? Just $377 if you act now. Payment plans arranged case by case; PM me with questions.

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