Releasing the Ghosts that you Haunt

...finding strength, confidence, shedding the chains of the past, and releasing the ghosts that we haunt. Moving forward in strength, healing, self-proficiency and love.

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Energetic Transformations

Have you tried everything and nothing is working? Do you feel like there is "something" you are missing?

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Becoming 3B

What is the difference between survival defense and self-defense? How to take your confidence to the next level.

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Welcome Beautiful, Brave, Brilliant YOU.

You’ve landed on my page because you are searching for something. Do you know what? Are you searching to free yourself from childhood trauma and transcend the patterns resulting from it?

Are you looking for your purpose?  Do you just want to feel like you matter?

Are you confused and drowning in a pool of unworthiness, not goodenoughness, I suck at lifeness? Are you repeating patterns that are just keeping your life a mess?

Do you just wish you had someone to talk to that could help you figure it without making you feel worse? Someone who would “hear” and listen to what you are saying?

Do you feel, think or see things that you don’t think anyone else would understand?

Have you walked through (or been pushed in) the fire and come through stronger, but don’t have a clear direction about what to do next?

Do you know you are Beautiful? Do you know you are Brave? Do you know you are Brilliant? You are, but you may not always feel that is true.

Do you know you are Beautiful; on the inside and out.

Do you know you are Brave; that you have the courage to take action, even during times of fear? The courage to look at your beauty and know your brilliance.

Do you know you are Brilliant; intellectual as well as intuitionally wise.

You are subtly fierce. You are broke, but not broken. You HAVE walked through (or been pushed in) the fire and come through stronger.

Do you know that on the other side of the flames is where the healing begins. Where you stand in your power and reclaim the parts of your soul that have either been stolen or rejected and bring them home.

But you’re frustrated and tired. And for some reason you just aren’t able to reach the level of success or happiness you have worked for your whole life. That you have earned. “Something” always happens.


I get it. Really I do. I have been honored to live many lifetimes in this one life. I have seen fortune and famine. Good times and bad times. I have found myself “stuck” in a pattern of sabotage that would only allow me to get so far in life. No matter how many trainings, no matter how much marketing or skills I learned…I just couldn’t quite reach my objective.

Let’s take this journey together to rediscover and reclaim your power!

Together we will clearly define what you would like your life to look like and develop an action plan to help you reach that goal.

Let’s talk. You can reach reach out to me on my Facebook page