Becoming a 3B Warrior. Never forget; you are: Beautiful Brave Brilliant

Are you confused and drowning in a pool of unworthiness, not goodenoughness, I suck at lifeness?

Welcome Beautiful, Brave, Brilliant YOU.

You’ve landed on my page because you are searching for something. Do you know what? Are you searching to free yourself from trauma and transcend the patterns resulting from it?

Be Beautiful

Be Brave

Be Brilliant

Are you confused and drowning in a pool of unworthiness, not goodenoughness, I suck at lifeness? Are you repeating patterns that are just keeping your life a mess?

Rev. Dr. Conrad


Offering Features

Are you ready to take charge of your life?

Tigron Reiki Sessions

Receive loving healing energy.

Usui and Tigron Reiki classes

Become the healer you know you are.

Releasing Ghosts Session

This includes clearing cellular memories, clearing and activating your chakras and working through any blocks that you feel you may have.


Spiritual Coaching

Let' talk about your challenges; we will find clarity in this session.

Chakra Clearing

This will balance and clear 9 major Chakras and bring you back into balance.

Past Life Regression

Let's look into your past lives to find healing and clear past and/or ancestrial trauma.


Cups of Coffee
Candles Burned
Happy Clients
Unchained Mysticism; complete the full course and receive your Metaphysical Practitioner Certificate!

Releasing Ghosts; learn to release the ghosts that you haunt to move forward.

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We respond very quickly. If for some reason you don’t get a timely response; please message me on my facebook page. 



What Clients Say

Very best opinions

I couldn’t even walk, I was in so much pain. My hips, back, everything hurt. After 15 minutes of Tammy’s energy stuff I was completely out of pain and able to dance and have fun.”
As a Spiritual Life Coach, Tammy empowers her clients to recognize, comprehend and strip away deep-rooted attitudes, barriers, and beliefs that prevent them from living an authentic life. With the understanding that one’s body, mind and spirit play a vitally intertwined role, she acts as a catalyst, guiding her clients toward powerful transformations, practical results and the discovery of their true potential.”
Tammy offered a healing session to help me with my anxiety. I felt so calm afterward, but then I started screaming; everyone came running thinking I was hurt, but here’s the deal, that morning I had hurt my foot, it was bruised and I was in pain and after the session, it was healed. It didn’t hurt and the bruising was gone.”

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